Understanding Fire Building

Being prepared is at the very core of what being a prepper is all about. One of the best ways to be prepared is to develop and cultivate a number of survival skills that can help get you through almost any situation. You need to be able to tie at least three different kinds of knots. You should know how to use a weapon such as a survival crossbow. One of the most vital skills that you must have in almost any survival situation is that of being able to build a fire. Building a fire can often mean the difference between life and death. You need to be sure that you know what you are doing. Here are some firestarting tips that you can use.

Use Modern Tools If You Can

It’s important to remember that you are not a cave man. There are plenty of preppers out there who pride themselves on their ability to take a stick and a rock and build a fire in less than an hour. With tools such as flint, a lighter, or matches, you can have a roaring fire made in less than fifteen minutes. That is time that you could spend elsewhere further ensuring your survival. Do not think that there is weakness in taking advantage of convenience.

Keep Your Fire Going

If you want to learn more than simply getting a fire going then you need to learn how to keep a fire going. They are two different things. Building a fire means nothing if it is not built to last. First of all, you need to make sure that you are using wood that burns for a long time. This means the fire is not too roaring and not too dead. Second of all, you need to learn to build your fires with enough airflow that they can stay going without you to stoke them. These are relatively simple techniques that will be a massive benefit to you in the field.

Check out this video to learn more about firestarting: