Do Egyptian cotton towels tear easily?

Egyptian cotton towels are very strong. They are strong and expensive. Egyptian cotton towels are some of the best towels that you can get for your home or any place with a bathroom.

I order my first set of Egyptian cotton towels a few years back. I was a little worried about ordering them at first because of the price. Especially since I was having to buy towels about once a year. I was worried about spending a lot of money on Egyptian cotton towels just for the them to tear and me have to pay to replace them in a years time.

However, that was not the case. I have yet to have to replace my Egyptian cotton towels. They last a long time! I have not had any of my Egyptian cotton towels that I ordered from tear.

Even After I have washed and dried them, I have had no problem with my Egyptian cotton towels tearing!

Where to look

You can find an Egyptian cotton towel set at Luxury of the Pharaohs. You can also take a look at yahoo answers to learn more about Egyptian cotton towels and where the best place to order them from is. You can also take a look at the video below.